Seeing double

I recently rediscovered the ‘Topsy and Tim’ stories, all about the mundane but somehow exciting adventures of twins Topsy and Tim.  These books, once a favourite of mine, can now be watched on TV.  Feeling nostalgic I thought I would look online for some of the golden oldies, I found and purchased a 1982 copy of ‘Topsy and Tim’s School Play’, identical to the one I had as a child.  On reading it I am transported to a time when life was a little simpler… Topsy and Tim are to be farm animals in their school play, Topsy a goose, Tim a pig.  Practising their roles at home Tim decides to eat like a pig.  In the night Tim has a tummy-ache, the look on Dad’s face as he comes in to a crying child is one I recognise, not a look of concern for their child but the look of a parent who has been woken, yet again! Anyway Tim recovers and the play is a success…. What’s not to like???

Topsy and Tim's School Play (1982)  by Jean and Gareth Anderson .   A classic, well I think so...

Topsy and Tim’s School Play (1982) by Jean and Gareth Anderson .
A classic, well I think so…

This rediscovery got me thinking, have I always seen double?… As a child I loved the Topsy and Tim stories.  My imaginary friends were a same age pair, a girl and a boy called Charlie and Motsy.  Once independent my pets came in pairs, a boy and a girl where possible; Tilly and Archie (cats) became Tilly and Charlie, Primose and Violet (chicks), followed by Iris and Lily, followed by Poppy and Clover… and now I have my very own Topsy and Tim, only with better names.

When I go out and encounter strangers they often say how lucky I am to have twins, a boy and a girl, but luck has nothing to do with it, I believe I was chosen for this journey.  My whole life I have been destined to be a multiple mummy, has my life of doubles been in preparation for the moment I was handed two babies?