30 Days Wild Day 16: Learning about creatures from other countries

Day 16 we headed to the zoo to visit some creatures from other countries.  As you can imagine we saw all of the usual suspects including the lions up very close, E was not so sure, quite rightly so! We … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 15: Collecting rainbows and waking clouds

On Day 15 we took a trip to a local reserve in search of a rainbow of colours… I made E and M butterflies out of card and put 5 small strips of double-sided tape on them.  On arrival we … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 14: Natural history

Yesterday we went to the natural history museum as E and M had requested we visit the elephants, polar bear, butterflies… and the not so wild lift (one of the many highlights). We saw a black swan behind glass which … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 8: Slug and snail hunting

A squelchy walk through the woods revealed a whole lot of slugs and snails! M is an expert at spotting even the tiniest perfectly camouflaged ones 🙂 E and I are always excited to see her finds…

The power of two

Today was one of those days, you know the ones where you are so embarrassed you wish the ground would swallow you up? IT WAS MY FAULT. What person in their right mind takes toddler twins to the garden centre … Continue reading