P is for playpens

One for the house and one for the garden, or some days one each.  I will never forget the day that it dawned on me that things were about to change dramatically…. It was a lovely warm day and we like to spend as much time outdoors as we can so I had put some picnic blankets down on the grass in the garden and the twins were lying on them playing with their toys.  E had just started crawling a couple of days before and M could shuffle but neither movement was very fast or dramatic so I popped inside to grab something.  On my return I found M eating chicken poo off the grass, I grabbed her and took her to the bathroom to wash her hands and mouth out, on our return to the garden I found E sitting in a flower bed playing with cat poo.  Clearly this site in my garden was not safe so I moved the picnic blankets to an area I felt was free of all offending items, placed M down and took E inside to clean his hands, on our return I found M eating her second chicken poo.  Now in tears at the thought of my precious babies getting worms I rushed back inside with E and put him on the kitchen floor while I retrieved my daughter covered in chicken poo, on our return to the kitchen we found E eating the cat food.  After cleaning both babies up and placing them in the playpen in our lounge I rang my husband in floods of tears, barely able to form a sentence, how would I cope? The solution? a second playpen for the garden.  Thankfully it has never been the same again…

The amazing outdoor playpen.  A complete life saver!

The amazing outdoor playpen. A complete life saver!