30 Days Wild Day 26: Boosting my eco credentials

I am writing about the 26th June and it is now the 19th July! Obviously I am a little behind with my blogging about my 30 Days Wild experience.  June and July has been wild for all sorts of unexpected … Continue reading

The power of two

Today was one of those days, you know the ones where you are so embarrassed you wish the ground would swallow you up? IT WAS MY FAULT. What person in their right mind takes toddler twins to the garden centre … Continue reading

First shoes

E and M's very first shoes

E and M’s very first shoes

Last weekend marked the end of an era; instead of turning right in our local children’s store we turned left.  No longer in need of baby clothes we turned into the toddler section to get E and M’s feet measured for their first shoes.  The changes continued as we purchased two toddler car seats.  I watched expectant parents and those pushing around small, wrinkly babies and felt proud.  I had two happy little people walking around removing things from shelves, how far we had come…

Little mimics

We all know that part of growing up involves watching others and doing as they do such as walking and talking but it recently occurred to me that my twins have started copying mundane things that we do on a daily basis.  My daughter on picking up anything that remotely looks like a telephone (brick bridge?) holds it to her ear and says “ah ya!” closely followed by a long indecipherable monologue, resembling that of Trigger happy’s “I’M ON THE PHONE!!!!”. When running the bath if I forget the bathmat, which I often do, I will hear a SPLOSH! as one of them throws the mat into the bath ready for, as they have come to know it, ‘bath time fun!’.  Our mealtimes have become a bit of a messy affair as they insist on feeding themselves and clearing the table after… onto the floor.  On finding a brush they will attempt to run it through their hair unfortunately they are not so keen with a toothbrush.

I put it to you… with all these little day to day things being observed and mimicked what else are our children observing, absorbing and getting ready to mimic?