J is for Jane’ Powertwin Pro

I really believe this is the best out there.  I recently borrowed a Maclaren side-by-side buggy, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF!?! Really hard work and makes it almost impossible to go out.  My tandem buggy allows me to get around shops and through doors and while heavier than some is fab!IMG_7361

It is a travel system which made life much easier by allowing me to lift the seats out of the car and clip into the buggy frame without waking two babies. By the time the twins were one we had moved on to proper seats, these come with hoods but I don’t bother unless it is raining.  E and M used to take it in turns in the front seat, now they have favourite positions, E likes to have the front seat so he can see everything while M likes to sit in the back so she can peak over the top of the front seat at her brother and pull his hair!2015-01-21 16.20.29

This three-wheeler off road buggy suits our lifestyle perfectly, we lined the tires with mountain bike lining tape and have only had one puncture in 20 months.  Great warranty too, our frame snapped recently, sent it back and they repaired and returned it.  Thanks Jane’ we think your buggy is great!