30 Days Wild Day 26: Boosting my eco credentials

I am writing about the 26th June and it is now the 19th July! Obviously I am a little behind with my blogging about my 30 Days Wild experience.  June and July has been wild for all sorts of unexpected … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 25: Cloud watching on the M1

Day 25 we packed up our things for an internet and phone free week of cycling in the peak district.  The process of getting ready for a holiday is notoriously stressful in our household so we allowed ourselves the most … Continue reading

It must be love

doublethecuddles.wordpress.comI have just returned from a lovely fortnight in Cornwall (yes I know, how lucky am I!?!), visiting the beach most days, sometimes in wellies and waterproofs but mainly sun cream and shorts (I know! How lucky am I!?!).  Today I downloaded the 1064 photos we took, I think editing may take a while but at first glance I have noticed something, I can count the number of times myself or A appear in a photo on my hands however E and M feature in almost all (bar a few of the sea or rock pool finds) something tells me it must be love that drives us to take approximately 1000 photos of our gorgeous twins in only a fortnight.  How lucky am I!?!doublethecuddles.wordpress.comdoublethecuddles.wordpress.comdoublethecuddles.wordpress.comdoublethecuddles.wordpress.com