Little glimpses of E and M

My babies (am I still allowed to call them that?) are very poorly.  This week has been a tough week in our house with several visits to hospital and the doctors and a meningitis scare.  M has conjunctivitis plus a terrible reaction to a virus? or an allergy plus the virus? We are none the wiser.  E is two days behind, as always what one gets inevitably the other gets.  While M is coming out the other side E is at his worse today and to top it all off mummy is poorly too.

In amongst the twins crying, moaning, exhaustion and endless gunk I have caught glimpses of my beautiful babies.  After their bath yesterday to warm them up and calm them down I decided to blow dry E and M, something we used to do when they were tiny and a bit afraid of the bath, to my astonishment they got up and started running on my bed.  Today E although so poorly he could barely move still managed to get up, lay his head on daddy’s pillow, knees to his chest, bottom wiggling in the air while the warm air passed over him.  I miss my little monkeys, the daily chaos of emptied drawers and laughter as they chase each other the length of the house.  Roll on the good times.