Playing kitchen

doublethecuddles.wordpress.comE and M love to play kitchen, this morning I had planned to take them to the park but they were so engrossed in their play I felt it wrong to disturb.  Halfway through the morning though of course they were no longer interested and it was too late to depart so I decided to extend the theme of their mornings play with some cooking.

I am always looking for new recipes for our weekly menu and had spotted an Abel and Cole recipe for fresh pasta which looked fun so I though why not?!? With two dining room chairs blocking the entire kitchen gangway, hands washed and ingredients on the side we were ready to embark on an entirely new adventure for us all.

We made the dough, kneaded it and cut out butterflies and stars before allowing it to dry.  E and M managed a good number before hunger pangs kicked in so I cut out the rest while E had a (s)”nack” and M washed her hands and the bathroom while serenading us with a tune.

E and M's sterling contribution

E and M’s sterling contribution

...and with a little help from mummy

…and with a little help from mummy

10 minutes later it was ready to cook (thank goodness as after a mammoth hour and a half of making the pasta and clearing of the chaos left in its wake lunchtime was fast approaching!) Another 5 minutes for cooking, cheese grated and we all sat down to test our endeavours.   doublethecuddles.wordpress.comdoublethecuddles.wordpress.comThis was our first time cooking together but I think a great success!