A little gift for me

doublethecuddle.wordpress.comI needed a bit of a pick-me-up this morning so we left the house later than usual, scraped the ice off the car to the sound of the building site next door and drove past it so the only two people in our village excited to see yet another development could get a good glimpse of the digger! I decided some new daffodils for my lovely new jug (which I realise you haven’t seen yet!) were in order so we took a short visit to the market in our local town.  Just what I needed, so pretty…doublethecuddles.wordpress.com

A fresh start

2014 was not an easy year (not to mention very expensive!)… the highlights; stress and anxiety, complete roof replacement, a ceiling collapse (while twins were sleeping in there), a disaster of a holiday, six weeks of the twins with tonsillitis leading to a knock to my confidence, many boiler fixes leading to boiler replacement, four broken radiators, endless leaky plumbing, major damp issues in the bathroom leading to completely gutting the room and refit over and over and over, a two month delay due to a plumber off long term sick, temporarily moving out, lots of difficult and some upsetting discussions with various plumbers, damp specialists, insurers, contractors, retailers etc.  In the words of Miranda Hart “Such fun!!!”  There was of course lots to be thankful for too including a dream job for my husband, spending lots of time with the twins, the twins turning one and an amazing holiday which shall forever be seen as our first real holiday as a family.

For me 2015 has not yet started.  The stress of the bathroom has not yet left us but the end is in sight… Today will see the last of the tradespeople and with them will leave the stress and anxiety they brought with them, hopefully never to be seen again.  Friday will be a tempestuous day, the field opposite our house is in the hands of developers, on Friday the council will decide if it is to be turned into 91 houses plus a retail unit or remain a vista that gives me joy each day as I open my curtains.  I live in hope.  Saturday will bring a fresh start, whatever it holds for me it will be 2015.

Our beautiful view

Our beautiful view

Next year (2015) I hope to be my happy, confident self again.  I have booked myself on courses to learn to crochet, make a dress and freehand embroider.  We plan to choose and attend a twins club once again and get outdoors with other nature tots.  Watch this space…