Addicted to Advent

I love Christmas, for as long as I can remember I have loved it all… the lights, the tree, the carols and of course the suspense! Advent gives you 24 days to prepare for the big day although to me every day of December is Christmas day.  Over the last ten years my husband and I have developed a series of Christmas traditions to help us prepare.  Every year from the 1st of December we read The Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder, one chapter for every day of Advent detailing the story of a little girl who joins a group of pilgrims (Wise men, sheep etc.)  travelling back in time to the birth of Jesus.  I love this story, although much of it is fiction, it reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.  Three years ago we made 24 mini stockings and every year we hang them up filled with little goodies to reveal every day of advent.  Now my twins are here, every day a different Christmas story is read to them.  The list of Christmas traditions is endless.IMG_7066

A couple of years ago my husband and I vowed to take a greener approach to Christmas.  Now many of our Christmas presents are second hand (charity shops, antique fairs, nearly new sales etc.) or handmade either by us (A knits and I sew among other things) or a local crafts person.  Christmas wrapping is of recycled origin or is recyclable and boxes and bags are reused where possible.  Christmas for many has become consumer driven so for the next 24 days I will be posting 24 green Christmas tips to help you become more conserver than consumer.