The elves are working hard again…

So this is the time of year when Father Christmas’ elves return from their fortnight in the Maldives (if only!) and start work again.  Post Christmas is always a big deal for me because while everyone is thinking New Year’s … Continue reading

Wishing you a Very Merry Green Christmas from Catherine and Alex, E and M, Tilly and Charlie, Lily, Poppy and Clover xxxxxxxxx

This years beauty!

This years beauty!





22nd December: Save money and the planet

When visiting people over the Christmas period make sure all electrical equipment at home is switched off and not left on standby, as well and cutting your energy use you will save some money too.

21st December: On yer bike!

A lot of travelling is done over the Christmas period, car share, walk or take public transport when you can.  If you are feeling very brave and need a blast of cold air to wake up there is always your bike too!

20th December: Avoid landfill!

I have visited a landfill site, they are definately places to avoid! They don’t smell or look nice, they fill up our countryside with rubbish and create wasteland. Much of what ends up in landfill could actually be recycled or reused, once underground we can’t get at all those precious resources anymore.   Approximately 30% more glass, steel and aluminium are thrown away after Christmas, most local authorities collect these or provide a local recycling point so make sure yours don’t end up in landfill.

17th December: go prepared!

If you are like me and a bit behind with the Christmas shopping, it is probably getting a bit late for internet shopping so when heading out into the busy streets make sure you take your reusuable shopping bags with you.

16th December: Track your turkey

Over 10 million turkeys are bought over Christmas, pay particular attention to the origin of the bird as many are imported or travel long distances to be slaughtered and to the shop.  Choose a bird that has had a better life, opt for a locally reared free range turkey bought from a farmers market or farm shop and ask the supplier about its life from birth to butcher.