Day 11: Wild photography

E and M received an early birthday present, they are now proud owners of their very own cameras, V-tech Kidizoom Action Cams.  They have been snapping away non-stop, on Day 11 they took photos in the garden, these are some … Continue reading

Day 3: Making friends with a snail

Today was a low key wild day.  This afternoon while gardening we found a snail, we made friends… Our other wild news is… the bird feeder (made on Day 1) for wild birds is now being used, hooray! The chicken’s … Continue reading

Day 1: Made a bird feeder

We love to feed our garden birds and watch them from the window so today we decided to make them a special treat. We threaded plain popcorn onto 30cm lengths of garden wire and fastened the ends together to make … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 6: Art in the garden

Day 6 gave us amazing weather so we had a lazy day in the garden doing some art work with street chalk.  It was intended for the path but, as always, E and M went a little off-piste! We had … Continue reading

Welcoming Spring

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote.  I have written to you so many times in my head but, for one reason or another, the words never made it any further. We have been having a jolly … Continue reading

Don’t go breaking my heart…

A settled Poppy and Clover

For the past fortnight we have been nursing Clover, one of our first ex-caged hens.  Having dealt with many chicken ailments over the years; crop checked for food blockage, abdomen checked for egg blockage or swelling, wormed, antibiotics, critical care (Lucozade for chickens) syringed twice a day, vitamins, wet pellets with oil and porridge to no avail.  The vet was stumped too… We have sadly watched her decline and this evening we took her to the vet for the very last time.

I know many believe that we devote too much time and money to our pets and many have asked over the years “why not eat her?”, “just wring her neck!”, they wouldn’t bother.  Let me explain why we care so much.  Like the famous song that you will now be singing for the next week or so “right from the start I gave them my heart”, these girlies are not food but given the status of a family member on their arrival, they are in our care and we will be with them until the bitter end.

Wherever you are beautiful Clover we hope you are happy, scratching around and dust-bathing in the sunshine with those who broke a little of our hearts before you.  We will miss you. x

All is quiet on the chicken front…

So I haven’t posted on our chickens for some while, the last being a rainy day back in May when we had to say goodbye to lovely Lily.  In July last year we adopted our first two ex-caged hens(Essex girls saved from slaughter), Poppy and Clover, who have settled in so well.  We have had our fair share of chicken issues but these two have been a healthy pair (here is hoping I won’t jinx it).  One of them no longer lays which is not unusual as reproductive issues are common for such intensively farmed birds but she is enjoying her retirement none the less in our back garden.

A settled Poppy and Clover

A settled Poppy and Clover

With the loss of Lily and a family with an increasing appetite for eggs we decided to adopt another two in May this year, named Petal and Fleur (though they are so similar I suspect they may have interchangeable names).  As there were already two sturdy birds in residence we had to keep the weedy pair separate until they adjusted to a life outdoors and gained in confidence and strength.

Introducing themselves

Introducing themselves

After a week and a half we started to mix them for short periods in a larger area that we had constructed to increase their free ranging abilities.  The introductions were stressful with lots of squawking and pecking and chasing (and panicking for me).  The decision was made to wait a little longer and they were not fully integrated until the end of week three.  Petal and Fleur still have a long way to go, they are much skinnier than Poppy and Clover and have many feathers to regrow but they now all live happily together.  I will keep you updated on their progress…

A rainy day

An unexpected lie in (6.45am!)

A comfy seat for cow

Colouring pictures for our friends

A trip to the woods; running along muddy paths, splashing in puddles, watching murky patterns form, sticks for drawing, splashing and throwing, digging in the mud with little fingers and sploshed lumps in puddles, waving at reflections, a muddy picnic in the boot of the car. Returning home rosy and freckled not from sunshine but fresh air, exercise and lots of

Naptime, crochet and chores

Dancing in circles

Dinner, bath time, brushing teeth to ‘In the night garden’ (Errrrrgggghhhhh…)

A final farewell to a feathery friend.  Sweet dreams lovely

Twins in cots, cosy socks, a glass of wine, rhubarb crumble, compulsory Neighbours watching, cuddles with fury friends, crochet.

A late night wool delivery, hoorah!  A tiny orange pompom

Phew… bedtime

A naptime treat

This week we are trialling something new, we are transitioning from a middle of the day nap to an afternoon nap (I say we I do no sleeping but E and M do, most of the time!).  We have successfully completed two mealtimes without faces down in their lunch and they currently are snuggled up in their cots.  I am exhausted… who knew that a couple of extra hours with two one year olds would be so tiring.  So this week I am trialling something else new, a naptime treat, an hour of time for me.  Today it is a bit of blogging, ‘Sewing Bee’ on the TV, crochet granny squares on hand, a bit of dark mint chocolate and a hot chocolate. IMG_2022

My tiredness is not helped by the lack of sleep, due to the usual E and M disturbance plus added nightmares for me.  Lovely Lily (the Chicken) took a trip to the vets at the beginning of the week and has been there ever since.  Hidden under the feathers on her leg I found 3 large lumps and a huge bloody scab, it transpires that most likely she has cancer.  The vet has given her an op to remove as much as possible but failed to remove it all as it surrounded the muscle in the leg and she suffered a lot of bleeding.  Time will tell if it has been successful in preventing further growth.  She is due home today, fingers crossed.  Needless to say I have been worried and that has led to lots and lots of very strange nightmares.  Night before last when E and M woke simultaneously at 1am and refused to go back to sleep I was convinced it was the work of some evil spirit inhabiting their bedroom, I know better now…