Z is for ZZZZ…

Wouldn’t that be nice! There is often a reason for one or both to be keeping you up, unfortunately the reason is rarely clear or easily solved.  Don’t count on it!

At least some of us are getting some zzz... maybe sleeping outside is the answer!?!

At least some of us are getting some zzzz… maybe sleeping outside is the answer!?!

So we have come to the end of my list of multiple must-knows and must-haves.  It took me over six months to write the draft list and I’m sure I will keep thinking of things to add, but I’ve run out of letters…. I hope our experiences will help others about to embark on a double adventure.

Being a multiple mummy is a challenging experience and not something that everyone will understand but it is also an incredible experience.  How lucky am I to meet both my babies at the same time, to see them grow up alongside each other and always have double the cuddles!

Y is for Yearbook

Try and keep a record of the early days, routines, feeding, sleeping and milestones.  It is amazing to look back at how far you have all come, it is a rollercoaster of a year but you did it!  I don’t feel it has got easier since reaching the first year milestone but the challenges are different, I continue to record so I can look back each year.

X is for X-ray vision and eyes behind your back…

… two little people can get up to a lot when you are not paying attention.

2015-02-26 16.53.37
2014-07-22 11.05.02

2014-07-16 10.16.04

Emptying kitchen drawers

I could add so many more…

W is for washing machine/ tumble dryer, dishwasher… helpful machines!

If you can fit them in, just do it, you won’t regret it!

I was very fortunate to have helpful relatives who helped with chores on their visits and a very kind mummy who would take away loads of dirty washing and return it lovely and clean, the washing line was always full but the arrival of a tumble dryer was something to rejoice in.

The twins were born during a very hot summer, with a garden that needed regular watering, cats to take care of and a sick chicken there was little time for washing up.  We do not have a dishwasher and I breastfed, expressed and bottle fed so we made a lot of washing up, getting though more than 14 bottles per day.  In the early days after the middle of the night feeds and expression we would place the twins in the cots for their next lot of sleep and we would go down stairs and wash up, sterilise pump and bottles and filled them with sterile water in preparation for the next day before returning to bed for the hour or so of sleep before the next wake up.  We got a dishwasher when the twins were 15 months, it has changed my life!

More quality time together! Playing pictionary, I draw they tell me what it is...

These time saving machines mean more quality time together! Playing pictionary.  I draw and they tell me what it is…

V is for Vanish

Remove twins before placing clothes and vanish in the machine!

Remove twins before placing clothes and vanish in the machine!

Twice the babies equals twice as many stained bibs and clothes.  Washing up liquid followed by air drying in the sun does a fantastic job of dealing with the result of leaky nappies however sometimes vanish is absolutely necessary, A stockpiles it!

U is for Unique bottles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFind a way to distinguish between your twins bottles; different colours, or a blob of different coloured nail polish on the bottom or if you are a bit crafty and have lots of beads lying around make little bracelets for your bottles.  I had two sets of bottle bracelets, one set for going out and one for in the house, a blue for E and a pink for M.  When they were little it helped me keep record of what each of them was drinking, if one was sick they didn’t share bottles and until E was about 8 months he had reflux so often had special milk or things added to his milk so we didn’t want to mix them up.  Needless to say though, bottle bracelets are not suitable for leaving with your babies alone.

T is for Travel cots

My babies share a room.  Occasionally they go through a period when they are disturbing each other at night, especially if someone is poorly.  A travel cot ensures you can separate them even if someone has to sleep in your bedroom or the lounge, it’s completely worth it.

S is for Staggered bedtimes

When my babies learnt to stand up in the cot they also found it hilarious to look at each other, often resulting in very overtired babies who were still awake at 10.30pm and parents who although thought the giggling was very sweet at first became increasingly annoyed.  Someone from our local twins group suggested staggered bedtimes with the slightly trickier noisy baby going to bed first.  Thank goodness it worked!

R is for Routine

Admittedly it worked to our advantage to get our babies into a routine from day one, on being fed they would be put straight down in their Moses basket for a nap dozy or not and eventually they would drift off to sleep. We had sleep props, a comforter and a dummy which they were given to help them settle and they came to associate them with sleep wherever we were.  Our first Christmas we met with our postnatal friends for a Christmas party and people were amazed that when we put our babies in their car seats with their sleep props they just went to sleep.  Our babies were very content, rarely crying as they were put down for a nap before they knew they needed one and were fed as soon as they were slightly hungry.  The downside was that one of our twins was often woken for a feed so they could stick to the same routine.  Another drawback has been that since my twins were about 8 months they only have proper naps at home in their cot so it is somewhat limiting when people want to meet with you.  Saying all this though I honestly don’t know, even now, how you would have twins and no routine, I have come to rely on it for contented babies and a contented mummy.