Then there were 10!

The following day the remaining 8 butterflies emerged while we weren’t looking.  We kept them for a further 4 days, observing their every movement and feeding them up on fruit and sugary water.  When the rain stopped and the sun came out the time was right for us to set our friends free.

10 butterflies

We set out some picnic blankets on the grass and took one last good look at our beautiful butterflies while we had a drink.  It was hard to let go, we had become attached so we read ‘The Bog Baby’.  The story is about two young girls who find a bog baby and take it home and keep it as a pet, but it becomes poorly because it needs to be wild.

The bog babybog baby

Then we let them go, one by one, fluttering free over our heads into our garden and beyond, off to make more very hungry caterpillars…

IMG_3006 2 (87)IMG_3006 2 (86)

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