Day 21: Summer solstice

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_21I’m sorry this is so late.  It has been a tiring week, the heat has had us up in the night a lot and I couldn’t write what I wanted to say, here goes…

On the evening of Day 21 we celebrated the summer solstice with a fairy picnic.  Wearing our fairy wings and laden with blankets and picnic we headed to our local woods for some quality family time.  Our picnic was at least half homemade and home grown; boiled eggs from our chickens (I boiled them, they don’t come out ready made just to be clear *winks*), a Greek salad made with a mixture of salad leaves and flowers from our garden with minted yogurt (mint from the garden, we don’t have a cow yet!), garlic and tomato pizza bread made my E and M, some focaccia, berries from our garden and cake.  It was a truly magical evening!

20170621_190752 (2)

“Hand in hand, with fairy grace, will we sing, and bless this place.” A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William. Shakespeare

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