Day 12: Wild numbers

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12

On the eve of the 11th day I travelled to London with my little sis to see Hanson in concert, those that know me know this is a HUGE deal! We missed the last tube and had quite an adventure getting home, resulting in 4.5hrs sleep before E and M’s wake up calls.

20170611_215502 (2)

We travelled back from London on the morning of day 12, we were all tired so a chilled out day at home was called for. My wired children and I needed a calm activity so I got out our ants on a log set; a counting activity with ants on one side and the number on the other.  E and M are big fans of “saming” things (that is matching) so we also got out Thomas the tank engine and his friends numbered 1-9 (we don’t have 10).  We spent a decent amount of time “saming” the number of ants with the numbered trains.


Then we took the ants outside…We made a loop of wool and laid it out on the lawn in various places and counted the number of different types of plant, we then selected the number of ants to match.


We had a go at “saming” the plants with those in our books too; we identified 3 out of 5, any ideas about the unidentifiable?


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