Day 1: Made a bird feeder

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_01

We love to feed our garden birds and watch them from the window so today we decided to make them a special treat.

We threaded plain popcorn onto 30cm lengths of garden wire and fastened the ends together to make a circle.  We followed a “20 for me, one for the birds” rule, a few made their way to the chickens.

Our new rescued chickens (Marigold, Marguerite, Rosemary and Clementine) are enjoying it.  The wild birds are yet to sample it!


3 thoughts on “Day 1: Made a bird feeder

  1. 🙂 they are lovely, they give me so much pleasure. I’m trying to get them tame so i’m spending lots of time with them, one even lets me stroke her. So pleased to be giving them a nice retirement.


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