30 Days Wild Day 26: Boosting my eco credentials

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_26

I am writing about the 26th June and it is now the 19th July! Obviously I am a little behind with my blogging about my 30 Days Wild experience.  June and July has been wild for all sorts of unexpected reasons, I will share them another time.

Sooo… Day 26, being a lover of old unusual and beautiful things and with an aversion to the mass produced we boosted our eco credentials and attempted an antiques fair with two toddlers.

The day before had been wet so the field resembled something out of Peppa pig, despite this we waded through the mud between marquees to find an array of beautiful things.  10 minutes in and a lovely (expensive) train was spotted by my pair, my tired toddlers couldn’t handle being told they couldn’t have it.  Following the scary experience on the M1 and getting to bed at midnight it was all too much for us all so A stepped up and took E and M away to calm down, splash in muddy puddles, collect feathers and watch the ducks.


I used my free time and £11 wisely, buying some pastry tins (to be used as tealight holders at Christmas), a lovely teacup, saucer and side plate and an iron (now a door stop).

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