30 Days Wild Day 15: Collecting rainbows and waking clouds

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_15

On Day 15 we took a trip to a local reserve in search of a rainbow of colours…


I made E and M butterflies out of card and put 5 small strips of double-sided tape on them.  On arrival we pealed them back and started collecting small pieces of colour (about the size of the tip of your finger) found in nature. Aren’t they pretty?


They also went barefoot again, found some snails and spotted fungi.


We returned home promptly at the threat of torrential rain.  We spotted grey clouds out the car window on route home, E and M shouting “cloud wake up!”, chanting “pitter, patter…” and requesting I find their bath flutes so they can play them, wake the clouds and start the rain.  Turns out the shouting was enough! It started just as we reached the front door, we listened to the pitter patter from the car, ran to the house and watched it pour from the comfort of the window seat before heading upstairs for a nap.


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