30 Days Wild Day 4 and 5: Exploring new wild places, alfresco dining and crafting

Hi again! Sorry for the bumper post but we had a GREAT weekend enjoying being wild and I ran out of time to blog.

Sooo… Day 4 we set out for a real adventure.  Daddy and Mummy braved new territory unaware of how long or difficult the walk would be, very empowering! The new territory was a reserve far wilder than our usual stomping ground; no visitor centre, café, shop or toilets. ZERO.  We hardly saw anyone on our walk which was lovely (not meaning to sound antisocial, but it was so peaceful).


We followed the tree trail leaflet to find 12 trees and collected some evidence but more interest was shown to the vast array of minibeasts; snails (of various sizes), slugs, butterflies, beetles, spiders, ladybirds, worms…


Of course we also played hide and seek, ran down hills and climbed ALL THE WAY BACK UP!!! A fab outing, we will definitely be returning.


Day 5 we visited one of my favourite local walking spots.  As it is unsuitable for buggies we haven’t visited much recently.  Now E and M are pretty mobile we decided to brave it for a bit of bird watching, minibeast hunting, grass and feather collecting, wish making (dandelions) and fishing (with a stick).


The afternoon was spent lazily in the garden crafting and enjoying a family BBQ.

More weekends like this please!

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