30 Days Wild Day 2: Nature detective bootcamp


And what a bootcamp it was… AMAZING!  A great day out at our local Trust reserve for my two little explorers (I might have been a little excited too!), thanks guys!  We were a tad late getting started as puddle jumping was the desired activity for about 30 minutes (thanks to yesterday’s rain), on route we also saw a slug, a duck and a… reindeer (I call them sheep but E and M assure me it is a reindeer).


A huge selection of activities greeted us at the barn, all great fun for my almost 3 year olds.  They donned a pair of ladybird and bumblebee wings on arrival (hogged for approx. 2 hours), made clay unrecognisable animal tracks, animal track bunting (I am partial to a string of bunting), toilet roll tube binoculars, examined skulls, dug for fossils, made dinosaur dens, bird watched and followed trails.


Desired twin bedtime, I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking…


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