Random acts of wildness

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This month we have pledged to commit 30 random acts of wildness, one for each day.  We signed up with the Wildlife Trusts and we are ready, armed with our activity pack, to go wilder.  I say wilder because those of you that know us will know we spend a lot of time outdoors.

17407 - 30 Days Wild 2016 - Wall Chart 29-1-16

The acts do not have to take long and can fit around your usual activities, for example having a meal or reading a story outside.  However if you fancied it you could immerse yourself in wildlife and swap some or all of your activity for some outdoor fun.  The idea being for everyone to have a greater connection with wildlife in their surroundings, be it urban or rural.

I have a list of things I’d like to do alone and with my family, there are way over 30! Some are small activities so we can do some of our usual favourite not so wild activities or have a lazy/ crafty morning and some are main event activities.  I hope our activities will inspire you to get outdoors.

30 days wild

This is going to be fun…


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