Day 1: Puddle jumping

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_01

The first day of our 30 days wild was wet, thank goodness for puddles I thought! We headed to the woods where we have some favourite spots for puddle jumping, absolutely huge ones that E and M love to run through (as do I!).  However as always our outings are almost entirely child led, I only get involved with play if invited (and I enforce compulsory hand cleaning and slowly coax them back to the car when we are approaching nap time) and today was no exception.

30 days 1

We parked in the appropriate place for the humungous puddles and while some puddle jumping was done we also squelched in the mud, balanced, scrambled under and over things, played hide and seek (with mummy bear finding and chasing the baby bears!) and did a little den building and minibeast hunting.

30 days 2

Then it happened… E tried to climb someone’s pre-made den while M and I lifted a log to look for minibeasts, a tree trunk (10cm diameter) fell from the den and clubbed me over the head giving me what felt like a mild concussion.  Once E and M had given me a head kiss and M had told me told me I was ok, it was “just a shock!” they continued playing and I had a much needed, albeit soggy, sit down.

30 days 3

So here we have it, we go to the woods A LOT and as far as I can remember this is the first time this has happened.  When we play outdoors (without chastising or nagging) we discuss safety; dragging long branches behind you, be careful of yours and other eyes, where possible we set physical area boundaries (though within sight being most typical), wash hands before eating, do not touch dog poo… but accidents happen (statistics show more indoors than out in case you were wondering).

I am recovered after an hour on the sofa watching Friends (a birthday present, thank you Julia!).  Being outdoors obviously has risks but with some risk-benefit analysis, and observing our children having THE BEST time it is obvious to me that it is worth it!


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