30 Day Wild: Technology detox

  For the rest of June we will be having a technology detox (except for the camera!).  The idea being to free up more time to be wild as a family, let our brains have a rest from the over … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 24: River dipping

Day 24 was a nice, dry (hoorah!), sunny day so I loaded up the buggy with twins, wellies, waterproofs, gloves, nets, magnifiers and containers for some river dipping in the park. We found shrimp, mayfly nymph, fly larvae and a … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 23: Village walk

We opted to spend the morning bouncing on trampolines (thanks Dad!) over going out for our main activity of day 23.  Post nap we made up for our lack of fresh air and nature by walking as a family to … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 22: Snail walk

Day 22 we went on a damp walk around our village, armed with an empty ice-cream tub, in search of snails.  We found 8 empty ones (saved for a future project) and 8 living. We then returned home to feed … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 21: Went on a bear hunt

We went on a bear hunt. We tried to catch a big one, it was a beautiful day, we weren’t scared… Uh-oh! Mud, thick sticky mud. We couldn’t go over it, we couldn’t go under it, oh no! We had … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 18 and 19: Following a worm and some sunny fun

This weekend was an eventful one! Day 18 was a garden day, lots of planting and tidying.  While clearing some old cardboard (used as a den in the garden Day 10) E and M found a HUGE worm (approx. 20cm long!) which … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 17: “Find something, everyone, throw something in!”

Inspired by ‘Room on the Broom’’ we made magic potions in the garden.  We used a collection of smelly and colourful plants and some water and “mixed them well” while reciting some favourite sections from the book. One potion then … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 16: Learning about creatures from other countries

Day 16 we headed to the zoo to visit some creatures from other countries.  As you can imagine we saw all of the usual suspects including the lions up very close, E was not so sure, quite rightly so! We … Continue reading

30 Days Wild Day 15: Collecting rainbows and waking clouds

On Day 15 we took a trip to a local reserve in search of a rainbow of colours… I made E and M butterflies out of card and put 5 small strips of double-sided tape on them.  On arrival we … Continue reading