The power of two

Today was one of those days, you know the ones where you are so embarrassed you wish the ground would swallow you up?


What person in their right mind takes toddler twins to the garden centre for fun!?! Silly me thought, why not? Wander around, choose some plants and then go home and plant them together.  Well… we didn’t get to the planting stage.

E and M are typical toddler twins (I knew this!) When it suits them they work exceptionally well as a team.  They are also very confident together, as long as they can see each other, who cares where mummy is!?! It is all a big game… Run around and around the squares of plant displays and when you see a big A-frame stand of pots dive in and hide.  Well I found them over and over, tried to capture them over and over, tried to reach them over and over, coax them out before they caused hundreds of pounds of damage.  I persisted for approximately ten minutes, temperature rising, anxiety creeping in, then I grabbed, trolley abandoned, mid tantrum (intolerance to hand holding and reins in favour of normal child behaviour more suited to the woods) and headed for the exit.  People stared (as they do) and moved out of our way as I dragged them, crying (them not me, although inside…), trying to keep my cool while mainly looking down while I did what can only be described as a walk of total and utter shame.

When we returned to the car the three of us set to calming down and I apologised.  Mummy was sorry for not letting them play and making them cry but she was scared.  E asked “of dinosaurs?” “no” I said (although if I had seen one then yes!) “of getting lost”.  They were concerned and cuddles were had.  We discussed our options; return with them strapped in the buggy armed with books, cars, raisins and biscuits or go home.  They chose to go back in (I was praying that everyone would have forgotten the chaos by then).  I, quickly, emptied the abandoned trolley into a basket, selected a few other bits, with two impeccably behaved children in tow, and made my way to the checkout.  The cashier looked at E and M sitting in the buggy and said they looked like they were planning mischief, I told her the highlights while I typed in my pin, to which she replied “ you must never be bored!”  She is not wrong.

Apologies that there are no photos to accompany the above, the best bloggers would have taken pretty pictures of the chaos to accompany the text but that wouldn’t make me a very good mummy would it!?! However some pictures coming up…

They are currently napping (hoorah for naps!).  To reward myself for dealing fairly well with the consequences of my stupidity I have allowed myself an afternoon off so I am writing to you lovely people (by way of therapy).

I also have had some unpacking to do of the very best kind.  On our return there was a parcel waiting for me, I might have got a little carried away with my birthday money *grins*.


Choosing colours for E’s blanket

Choosing colours for M’s blanket

Next on my list, some crochet in the garden… well it would have been but someone just woke up 🙂

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

2 thoughts on “The power of two

  1. Ahh I feel your pain… The garden centre has been the scene of many an embarrassing moment for me too. Children seem to find that outdoor space so exciting 🙂 well done for going back in though, I’m impressed! And you made a stressful experience into a learning moment for E&M, where many of us (well me) would have driven home sobbing, inspiring parenting!


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