Feeling chuffed! (Pun intended)


I am often told that it must be great having twins (it is) as they have a constant playmate but in reality, although they adore each other, I think my toddlers would like a little space sometimes.  E and M are more than a little excited by vehicles, but especially trains.  A particular favourite toy is our wooden track which E and M love but with two of them playing this does not always allow them the space to play independently which they crave and regularly results in squabbles.  Recently I did a little research online and found a very large second hand collection of track, road and trains.   On receipt, with E and M asleep and a glass of wine in hand A and I set to work setting up a very very large track and road system, we ran and looped the track through the downstairs of the house until almost every piece was used.  The next morning we brought E and M downstairs to play, they were more than a little excited, lots of little squeals could be heard as they followed the track around and set about chuffing around the track with Thomas and friends.  Admittedly we are also a little fond of trains these days, not to mention pleasing our two little people.

Slide1Slide2As I have been writing this they have made a “train” by pushing our very heavy dining room chairs together (The power of two! Two heads are better than one etc etc).

However a couple of weeks ago we had quite possibly the most exciting train related experience so far… we met Thomas!!! And rode in his carriages!!! Twice!!!


We also met The Fat Controller (though I wonder if he should have a more PC name these days), Percy and Mavis and had a ride on a few other less known engines.  This all took place during a family visit to a special event at our local railway centre, it was a great day.  E and M have talked about little else since.


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