Welcoming Spring

Welcoming SpringSorry it has been so long since I last wrote.  I have written to you so many times in my head but, for one reason or another, the words never made it any further.

We have been having a jolly week of Easter preparations…

Various eggs have been decorated

Baskets made


Tissue paper scrunched and blossom placed on branches


And a cosy nest constructed


More than a few eggs hunts have been had so far (I should mention, M has a very unfortunate allergy so there are no chocolate eggs involved).  Painted and plastic eggs have proven a hit probably as E and M do not know what they are missing yet thankfully.

The preparations for the weekend are in full swing, making our FIRST EVER simnel cake! Eggs have been filled with chicks and small Thomas trains (E and M are more than a little obsessed with the Tank Engine, our recent exciting train related events I will save for another time!).  Bunny ears are at the ready and nests are lined with chicken feathers (washed!) to receive their clutch.

The house and the garden are looking pretty too…The spring flowers are looking lovely

The wreath I made for last Easter adorns my front door, complete with crocheted flowers, hand painted eggs and chicken feathers.


This year’s homemade bunny bunting drapes across the front of my kitchen shelving


My favourite vintage jug is filled with some very tasteful pale daffodils


And a little bunny found in a local antique shop sits upon my mantel watching the festivities.


I love spring!

I almost forgot… E and M’s footprint chicks made for a select few but now shared with all.  Apart from the cutting out of beaks, made entirely by them, feeling a little bit proud of my budding artists!

IMG_5660 (3)

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

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