Memories fade

2014-06-01 13.50.49Memories fade, for some sadly more than others.  Here are some I hope I never forget…

Waking in the morning and going downstairs to climb into her bed, boiled eggs and soldiers, the words pomme de terre and toilette, Sunday afternoons watching tv and eating roast lamb, tinned carrots and green beans with buttery mash or roast potatoes at folding tv tables, dripping and bone marrow on toast, strawberries and sugar on toast, that French lettuce salad she made (you know the one!), stewed apples from her tree, the sweet drawer, hot Bovril in my special mug, the chair of teddies and dolls, the shed and the garden where we played for hours, Saturday mornings catching buses to Edmonton or Walthamstow market and the little toys and dolls clothes I came home with, the mash and jellied eels others ate around us at the market café errrghhh, jumble sales and butterfly cakes at the salvation army church on her road, Wood Green Elite superstore called El-light by her, huge salty jacket potatoes with cheese at the shopping hall, the playground where we played with the slide that had paint spilt on it since dried, the three little tortoises that adorned her dresser that now sit in my home, playing cards, dark evening home times with Dad to the sound of ‘Songs of Praise’, her laugh, singing Ramona to anyone that would listen, 2p machines bumped and alarms sounded (don’t ask!), counting out our winnings one for you and one for me, her final birthday and the way my children brought her back to us for a while, her final days her fingers gripping my hand and pulling to her mouth to kiss it and holding it to her face, little M reaching out to hold her hand too, the hand of the very young resting on the hand of the very old as she slept…

These are just a few from our 31 years shared, these now belong to me alone hopefully never to be lost.

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