Feeling disappointed…

doublethecuddles.wordpress.comOur family is attempting to be healthier these days and consequently freer of temptation and guilt. Armed with a number of alternative free from recipe books, an array of weird and wonderful ingredients and a spiraliser, things were set to be easier on our bodies but harder on our purses.

After much planning and ingredient buying and gathering, this morning my two little people and I embarked on some healthy baking.  Some Blueberry breakfast muffins were on the menu.  Aprons on and we set to work for an hour and a half of weighing, measuring, chopping and siring before the mixture was plopped into pretty green muffin cases and placed in the oven.

There is always a little of me that feels concerned that the extra work and money will end up a bit of a disaster as free from alternatives can be a bit of a gamble at times.  30 minutes later they were looking impressive on the cooling rack and the 3 of us were eager to try the fruits of our labour.  OH DEAR! I think they got the name wrong… Blueberry and salt muffins might have been more appropriate.  Maybe a misprint in the recipe? Or they didn’t try them? The recipe asked for 1 tsp of salt, I am no baking expert so, after a second glance, I dutifully helped E and M measure the requested amount.

Feeling some of that guilt I was avoiding, disappointed and a little bit robbed.  Empty pockets and tummies…

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