The elves are working hard again…

What went well… homemade snowflake garland and I am always a little in love with my tree

So this is the time of year when Father Christmas’ elves return from their fortnight in the Maldives (if only!) and start work again.  Post Christmas is always a big deal for me because while everyone is thinking New Year’s resolutions (why bother!?) and looking forward to the Spring I am looking back at the Christmas chaos just past and making lists.  What went well? What didn’t go well? What would I do differently? …and it all goes in the Christmas book.  I am of course also looking forward and thinking about what presents I will be giving people for the next year and this goes in the present spreadsheet! This is the thing about this pledge of ours to mainly buy local, handmade or second hand and make things ourselves, it takes time and preparation and in my case often a whole year.

This week I read a post from Mollie Makes that described the house of a crafty Mummy, number one was a kitchen table that looked like Hobbycraft had thrown up on it, that just about sums it up!!! I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to my family for this.  Our table is covered in jars of feathers, acorns, ribbon of various colours (arranged by colour of course!), PVA, glue gun, cheap baubles to transform, stacks of fabric, old Christmas cards, wool, lace, tulle and sewing machine.  Naptime and evenings I spring into action transforming the above list into things that will hopefully transform my home next year, and maybe a few others.

Almost the entire contents of this cupboard is on my table plus extras

I am trying to complete some ongoing projects too like a star garland I started cutting out when I was pregnant (I know that is pathetic!), now complete and I’m pretty happy with it, a crochet blanket for E and M’s daybed (which will be one of their beds by the time I finish it and then I will need to do another!!!) and ticking off a few Pinterest quick makes that I have wanted to do for ages.  The patchwork quilt is yet to be unearthed.

I have been getting a little excited about the spring too though; Alex gave me a lovely new (to me) jug which has been filled with daffodils, amazing to have daffodils in January, global warming maybe? This has inspired some more crafting and table defacing. I’m planning a few crochet Easter makes, some bunny bunting complete with pompom tails maybe, I mean seriously how could I not?!

However I do promise our weekend lunch guests will be none the wiser…

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