Don’t go breaking my heart…

A settled Poppy and Clover

For the past fortnight we have been nursing Clover, one of our first ex-caged hens.  Having dealt with many chicken ailments over the years; crop checked for food blockage, abdomen checked for egg blockage or swelling, wormed, antibiotics, critical care (Lucozade for chickens) syringed twice a day, vitamins, wet pellets with oil and porridge to no avail.  The vet was stumped too… We have sadly watched her decline and this evening we took her to the vet for the very last time.

I know many believe that we devote too much time and money to our pets and many have asked over the years “why not eat her?”, “just wring her neck!”, they wouldn’t bother.  Let me explain why we care so much.  Like the famous song that you will now be singing for the next week or so “right from the start I gave them my heart”, these girlies are not food but given the status of a family member on their arrival, they are in our care and we will be with them until the bitter end.

Wherever you are beautiful Clover we hope you are happy, scratching around and dust-bathing in the sunshine with those who broke a little of our hearts before you.  We will miss you. x

6 thoughts on “Don’t go breaking my heart…

  1. we have too many chickens for them to be pets (unless it’s okay to have 17 pets??) but I still love them all like my babies. My father and husband will say “they are just chickens” and I have also heard the infamous ‘just wring its neck’ a couple of times, but they aren’t ‘just chickens’ to me. So sorry for Clover’s loss. She isn’t sick or suffering now, though, so that’s good.


    • Thanks for you comment 🙂 My guess is 17 is too many for names but nice to hear that there are others out there that feel chickens are something special… they are such characters. While I have dealt with a lot of poorly chickens over the years they bring such pleasure the rest of the time, E and M love them.


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