The year of the snowflake

We are about to enter into my absolute favourite time of year, the month I look forward to all year.  Many months of planning and dreaming take place in anticipation and this makes me a little giddy with excitement.  I’d like to think that when I die the thing that will be remembered about me most is that little spark that appears in me over Christmas, the bit of me that is the person I used to be, want to be and who I have always been but perhaps is hidden or overlooked the majority of the time.  I want my children to be able to say that, in the words of Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle, “she made everything beautiful”.  I should add that I’m not planning on dying soon but I guess life has taught me that this is something you can’t control.

Last year I wrote about my addiction to Advent and posted 24 green Christmas tips one for every day of Advent, this year I am hoping to seek inspiration elsewhere.  I have signed up to the Bible Society Advent Challenge, each day I will choose from a list an act of goodwill to carry out on some unsuspecting person.  I’d like to think that I will be doing some anyway but I think receiving a reminder every day to think of others is no bad thing and something to strive towards.

Part of my planning for Christmas is the HUGE list of presents for me to make, I absolutely love planning what to give to people, making or buying and giving them away.

A little handmade present for myself :)

Autumn-Winter wreath. A little handmade present for myself 🙂

Some edible gifts

Some edible gifts

This year I have reached a major milestone, I have learnt how to crochet (thank you Sam).  My new little group of crochet friends, the new skills I have learnt and the laughter we have shared has been so special to me and has reminded me of that part of me I miss so often.  For many years I have wanted to learn to crochet so I could make snowflakes and give some away and in the last month I have been perfecting my snowflake making, as many different ones as possible, some for me and some to hopefully pass on a little of my Christmas giddiness to others.

some of my snow flurry...

some of my snow flurry…

This milestone has been so important to me I feel it only right that I name this year the year of the snowflake.

Don’t go breaking my heart…

A settled Poppy and Clover

For the past fortnight we have been nursing Clover, one of our first ex-caged hens.  Having dealt with many chicken ailments over the years; crop checked for food blockage, abdomen checked for egg blockage or swelling, wormed, antibiotics, critical care (Lucozade for chickens) syringed twice a day, vitamins, wet pellets with oil and porridge to no avail.  The vet was stumped too… We have sadly watched her decline and this evening we took her to the vet for the very last time.

I know many believe that we devote too much time and money to our pets and many have asked over the years “why not eat her?”, “just wring her neck!”, they wouldn’t bother.  Let me explain why we care so much.  Like the famous song that you will now be singing for the next week or so “right from the start I gave them my heart”, these girlies are not food but given the status of a family member on their arrival, they are in our care and we will be with them until the bitter end.

Wherever you are beautiful Clover we hope you are happy, scratching around and dust-bathing in the sunshine with those who broke a little of our hearts before you.  We will miss you. x