The final goodbye

doublethecuddles.wordpress.comJust over a month ago my colleagues and I were called into work for a meeting, the agenda not released, we entered none the wiser that soon we would be leaving a big part of our lives behind for good.  That day we were told that the Education Centre where we worked (9 years!) was about to enter into a restructure, all zero hours contracts were to go and only one part time contract was to be available between the seven staff.  The centre was to have a shakeup, a new ethos, less outdoors, more in schools and little focus on what we were all there for… inspiring future generations to care for our beautiful Earth and everything in it.  After many teary days and nights we accepted the time had come to go, so six of us depart.

I owe a lot to the centre and its history, my first proper job, the one that taught me what I wanted to do with my life, that shaped much of who I am now.  Its staff, my friends an inspiration to me, while no longer my colleagues forever great friends.

Many many hours spent pond dipping here

Many many hours spent pond dipping here

Woodpeckers here!

Woodpeckers here!

Officially unemployed, today four of us (plus two little people) returned for one last hoorah, the ponds, minibeasts and habitats day to end all days with a class size of two.  Today I said goodbye.

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