Simple pleasures

Have you ever noticed how little people are excited by the simplest, most ordinary things? A stone on the pavement, a seed, a piece of fluff, a sticker, a piece of cement from my fireplace…

A few weeks ago in preparation for Easter I adorned the house with fuzzy chicks and speckled eggs, M fell instantly in love with two unsuspecting chicks.  All day long they were carried around and popped in and out of a plastic egg from an egg hunt.  Come bath time the twin chicks remained in her possession.  Refusing to hand them over gradually the fuzzy chicks lost eyes, beaks and finally legs to the bottom of the bath until they became two balls of soggy yellow fluff.  The love remained, they were dried and were taken up to bed.  For days these yellow lumps were played with while the mass of toys sat silently in the toy box awaiting their turn.

Last week was full of these simple pleasures.  On Saturday E and M took great pleasure in running in an open space.


While gardening E and M discovered snowdrop seed pods, named “peeeesssssssss…”, they do look like peas though I doubt they taste so nice.  These little seeds were collected in little hands and were treasured.

On Thursday it was the pink spotty cool bag, who knew carrying around a little cool bag could bring so much joy?…

But when you think about it it’s not the big expensive things that you treasure the most, the grand gestures, it’s the little, thoughtful, simple things. A hot drink in front of the fire when it is snowing outside, the first daffodil, a plant from a friend when you are having a rubbish day, a homemade cake, a special photograph, a pretty button, a new copy of Country Living magazine through the door, an undisturbed hour of crafting time…2015-01-27 14.03.10

This year I have made a special effort to spend time doing the simple things that I love, life is too short to waste it getting other things out the way first.  Most days I treat myself to an hour of naptime crafting, making an abundance of crochet flowers, crochet doilies, a wooden bead and flower necklace for little M, a head warmer, a fabric infinity scarf, stuffed toys, lavender scented hearts and bunnies, freehand machine embroidered pictures and my most time consuming project by far a spring wreath with crocheted flowers, chicken feathers, hand painted and hand speckled eggs… phew!daffs2015-02-23 08.21.20

Feeling a little bit pleased with myself...

Feeling a little bit pleased with myself…

I must add that while I take this precious time I am also doing something useful, as most of my crafty creations are wrapped up and given to my friends and family, hopefully spreading those simple pleasures a little further…


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