W is for washing machine/ tumble dryer, dishwasher… helpful machines!

If you can fit them in, just do it, you won’t regret it!

I was very fortunate to have helpful relatives who helped with chores on their visits and a very kind mummy who would take away loads of dirty washing and return it lovely and clean, the washing line was always full but the arrival of a tumble dryer was something to rejoice in.

The twins were born during a very hot summer, with a garden that needed regular watering, cats to take care of and a sick chicken there was little time for washing up.  We do not have a dishwasher and I breastfed, expressed and bottle fed so we made a lot of washing up, getting though more than 14 bottles per day.  In the early days after the middle of the night feeds and expression we would place the twins in the cots for their next lot of sleep and we would go down stairs and wash up, sterilise pump and bottles and filled them with sterile water in preparation for the next day before returning to bed for the hour or so of sleep before the next wake up.  We got a dishwasher when the twins were 15 months, it has changed my life!

More quality time together! Playing pictionary, I draw they tell me what it is...

These time saving machines mean more quality time together! Playing pictionary.  I draw and they tell me what it is…

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