R is for Routine

Admittedly it worked to our advantage to get our babies into a routine from day one, on being fed they would be put straight down in their Moses basket for a nap dozy or not and eventually they would drift off to sleep. We had sleep props, a comforter and a dummy which they were given to help them settle and they came to associate them with sleep wherever we were.  Our first Christmas we met with our postnatal friends for a Christmas party and people were amazed that when we put our babies in their car seats with their sleep props they just went to sleep.  Our babies were very content, rarely crying as they were put down for a nap before they knew they needed one and were fed as soon as they were slightly hungry.  The downside was that one of our twins was often woken for a feed so they could stick to the same routine.  Another drawback has been that since my twins were about 8 months they only have proper naps at home in their cot so it is somewhat limiting when people want to meet with you.  Saying all this though I honestly don’t know, even now, how you would have twins and no routine, I have come to rely on it for contented babies and a contented mummy.

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