K is for Keratin shine (that is the name of mine)…. i’m cheating, K is for Hairdryer!?

Weirdly it has been a great tool for raising my two little people.  When E was very very little (we are talking days and weeks old) he wasn’t a big fan of post bath drying and dressing and would howl… so on bathing him (on the dining room table, yes it has many uses…), I would get a nappy on him as quick as humanly possible to avoid a shower and then blow dry him.  The white noise and warm air completely relaxed him… and gave him a great quiff.

We learnt the hard way that backup sleeping bags are pretty essential but while we were learning this valuable lesson (maybe the exhaustion delayed the reaction) we spend many middle of the night spot washing and blow drying sleeping bags that had soaked up one leak or another.

Now my two are a little older they have come to expect to be involved in my daily blow drying of my hair, on me getting out of the shower they crawl up the stairs (I walk) and we “blow dry our hairs”, they run around while the warm air messes up their hair and my hair eventually receives a little heat and dries.  A great way to entertain and make two one year olds very happy I have found!!!


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