E is for Education

Before the twins were born we attended NCT antenatal classes and a TAMBA one day antenatal course.  While NCT was useful for meeting other parents much of what it covered was not relevant or caused anxiety.  Many of the birth options open to parents of singletons are not open to a multiple mother and after a discussion with your very impersonal unapproachable consultant who tells you that “YOU WILL be induced at 37 weeks” you feel completely at the mercy of your hospitals highly medicalised procedures.  Not only is it highly controlled but your birth looks to be a spectacle for not just you, your partner and a midwife but a whole host of hospital staff and medical trainees.  TAMBA prepared us for this, they advised us on what we could influence and told us what we could expect for a “natural” or c-section birth of multiples.  They also helped us prepare for what came after we left the hospital, because, let’s face it, that bit lasts much longer!


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