T is for Travel cots

My babies share a room.  Occasionally they go through a period when they are disturbing each other at night, especially if someone is poorly.  A travel cot ensures you can separate them even if someone has to sleep in your bedroom or the lounge, it’s completely worth it.

S is for Staggered bedtimes

When my babies learnt to stand up in the cot they also found it hilarious to look at each other, often resulting in very overtired babies who were still awake at 10.30pm and parents who although thought the giggling was very sweet at first became increasingly annoyed.  Someone from our local twins group suggested staggered bedtimes with the slightly trickier noisy baby going to bed first.  Thank goodness it worked!

R is for Routine

Admittedly it worked to our advantage to get our babies into a routine from day one, on being fed they would be put straight down in their Moses basket for a nap dozy or not and eventually they would drift off to sleep. We had sleep props, a comforter and a dummy which they were given to help them settle and they came to associate them with sleep wherever we were.  Our first Christmas we met with our postnatal friends for a Christmas party and people were amazed that when we put our babies in their car seats with their sleep props they just went to sleep.  Our babies were very content, rarely crying as they were put down for a nap before they knew they needed one and were fed as soon as they were slightly hungry.  The downside was that one of our twins was often woken for a feed so they could stick to the same routine.  Another drawback has been that since my twins were about 8 months they only have proper naps at home in their cot so it is somewhat limiting when people want to meet with you.  Saying all this though I honestly don’t know, even now, how you would have twins and no routine, I have come to rely on it for contented babies and a contented mummy.

P is for playpens

One for the house and one for the garden, or some days one each.  I will never forget the day that it dawned on me that things were about to change dramatically…. It was a lovely warm day and we like to spend as much time outdoors as we can so I had put some picnic blankets down on the grass in the garden and the twins were lying on them playing with their toys.  E had just started crawling a couple of days before and M could shuffle but neither movement was very fast or dramatic so I popped inside to grab something.  On my return I found M eating chicken poo off the grass, I grabbed her and took her to the bathroom to wash her hands and mouth out, on our return to the garden I found E sitting in a flower bed playing with cat poo.  Clearly this site in my garden was not safe so I moved the picnic blankets to an area I felt was free of all offending items, placed M down and took E inside to clean his hands, on our return I found M eating her second chicken poo.  Now in tears at the thought of my precious babies getting worms I rushed back inside with E and put him on the kitchen floor while I retrieved my daughter covered in chicken poo, on our return to the kitchen we found E eating the cat food.  After cleaning both babies up and placing them in the playpen in our lounge I rang my husband in floods of tears, barely able to form a sentence, how would I cope? The solution? a second playpen for the garden.  Thankfully it has never been the same again…

The amazing outdoor playpen.  A complete life saver!

The amazing outdoor playpen. A complete life saver!

N is for nappies

Oh millions of them!

I’d love to say I use reusables, that my ideas of green living was totally working out with my two little ones but… Our washing machine is on every day, my bedroom is more like a laundry with two airers in there and always a pile or two of dry washing to be folded and put away or ironed.  I do my best but I am totally aware that this is not always the best for the Earth!

M is for Monitors

Always have a spare, sometimes two babies means two monitors.

Last year just before the twins first birthday they both got tonsilitus, they had it for 6 weeks, it was hell.  In despiration for more than a minutes sleep and to avoid unison crying (all 4 of us!) we moved little M downstairs.  Our lounge became her bedroom, E had the montor upstairs while we were awake and when we went to bed we tiptoed into his room removed the monitor, went downstairs, tiptoed into M’s makeshift bedroom and plugged it in.  CRAZY!  Why didn’t we just buy another monitor? another case of sleep deprivation leading to a lack of common sense!

L is for Lots of glue

Since the twins became mobile the play has become a little more exploratory and adventurous, this has resulted in a daily collection of broken toys and ripped books.  I have found that the majority can be fixed so every now and again I have a go at the pile of rubble once known as a plaything with my large collection of glue.  I have found superglue gel the most effective for toys and PVA fantastic for books.  Some of their books have had their lift the flaps and pages torn so many times I think there must be more glue than book now.




After. Hoorah for glue!

K is for Keratin shine (that is the name of mine)…. i’m cheating, K is for Hairdryer!?

Weirdly it has been a great tool for raising my two little people.  When E was very very little (we are talking days and weeks old) he wasn’t a big fan of post bath drying and dressing and would howl… so on bathing him (on the dining room table, yes it has many uses…), I would get a nappy on him as quick as humanly possible to avoid a shower and then blow dry him.  The white noise and warm air completely relaxed him… and gave him a great quiff.

We learnt the hard way that backup sleeping bags are pretty essential but while we were learning this valuable lesson (maybe the exhaustion delayed the reaction) we spend many middle of the night spot washing and blow drying sleeping bags that had soaked up one leak or another.

Now my two are a little older they have come to expect to be involved in my daily blow drying of my hair, on me getting out of the shower they crawl up the stairs (I walk) and we “blow dry our hairs”, they run around while the warm air messes up their hair and my hair eventually receives a little heat and dries.  A great way to entertain and make two one year olds very happy I have found!!!