A naptime treat

This week we are trialling something new, we are transitioning from a middle of the day nap to an afternoon nap (I say we I do no sleeping but E and M do, most of the time!).  We have successfully completed two mealtimes without faces down in their lunch and they currently are snuggled up in their cots.  I am exhausted… who knew that a couple of extra hours with two one year olds would be so tiring.  So this week I am trialling something else new, a naptime treat, an hour of time for me.  Today it is a bit of blogging, ‘Sewing Bee’ on the TV, crochet granny squares on hand, a bit of dark mint chocolate and a hot chocolate. IMG_2022

My tiredness is not helped by the lack of sleep, due to the usual E and M disturbance plus added nightmares for me.  Lovely Lily (the Chicken) took a trip to the vets at the beginning of the week and has been there ever since.  Hidden under the feathers on her leg I found 3 large lumps and a huge bloody scab, it transpires that most likely she has cancer.  The vet has given her an op to remove as much as possible but failed to remove it all as it surrounded the muscle in the leg and she suffered a lot of bleeding.  Time will tell if it has been successful in preventing further growth.  She is due home today, fingers crossed.  Needless to say I have been worried and that has led to lots and lots of very strange nightmares.  Night before last when E and M woke simultaneously at 1am and refused to go back to sleep I was convinced it was the work of some evil spirit inhabiting their bedroom, I know better now…

4 thoughts on “A naptime treat

    • 🙂 nap times are a complicated buisness! We don’t manage without our routine so things are always a bit difficult when nap times start shifting, looking forward to a new established routine. Lily is home and on the mend. Thanks for reading. Cx


  1. 🙂 yes it was very enjoyable! I did another granny square in another colour with two different colours but realised at the end that one of the rounds is the wrong side, ooops! Isn’t very obvious though. Thank you for the edging pattern, looks lovely, can’t wait to have a little go this eve. Lily is doing really well thanks, the swelling has gone down and the vet is very pleased with her progress. Cx


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