Got the crafting bug again!

Valentine’s day was great! The day started with a freehand machine embroidery course which was AMAZING… followed by lots of baking, pompom and badge making and then making the house look pretty in preparation for a Valentines dinner party with some of our lovely friends. IMG_2012 (3)

The last couple of weeks have been super crafty, every spare moment I have spent doing lovely things.  I have continued with my crochet course, my course yesterday, made lots of paper bunting reusing old RHS diaries, decorated some magazine files to match my bureau, made a Valentine’s themed pompom garland and heart badges for the dinner party.  Just can’t stop myself!!!IMG_2085

A naptime treat

This week we are trialling something new, we are transitioning from a middle of the day nap to an afternoon nap (I say we I do no sleeping but E and M do, most of the time!).  We have successfully completed two mealtimes without faces down in their lunch and they currently are snuggled up in their cots.  I am exhausted… who knew that a couple of extra hours with two one year olds would be so tiring.  So this week I am trialling something else new, a naptime treat, an hour of time for me.  Today it is a bit of blogging, ‘Sewing Bee’ on the TV, crochet granny squares on hand, a bit of dark mint chocolate and a hot chocolate. IMG_2022

My tiredness is not helped by the lack of sleep, due to the usual E and M disturbance plus added nightmares for me.  Lovely Lily (the Chicken) took a trip to the vets at the beginning of the week and has been there ever since.  Hidden under the feathers on her leg I found 3 large lumps and a huge bloody scab, it transpires that most likely she has cancer.  The vet has given her an op to remove as much as possible but failed to remove it all as it surrounded the muscle in the leg and she suffered a lot of bleeding.  Time will tell if it has been successful in preventing further growth.  She is due home today, fingers crossed.  Needless to say I have been worried and that has led to lots and lots of very strange nightmares.  Night before last when E and M woke simultaneously at 1am and refused to go back to sleep I was convinced it was the work of some evil spirit inhabiting their bedroom, I know better now…

The art of afternoon tea

DSC00345 (2)I’d like to think that in our house we do afternoon tea pretty well.  Being the sort of person that likes to make presents, years ago I started taking trips to car boot sales and charity shops in search of the perfect cups and saucers to make candles in.  At one particular car boot sale I found a really beautiful pale blue commemorative cup and saucer for sale, the lady that sold it to me was horrified at the idea of a candle being put in it and made me promise that it would only be used for tea, well this is where it all started.  IMG_1983Gradually the collection grew and I now have over thirty flowery cups, saucers and side plates, along with a wide variety of teapots, sugar bowls, jugs, cake stands and sandwich plates among other tea related curios.  Occasionally the lucky few pieces are selected for a truly marvellous tea…

Recently E and M were given their own little tea set, I hadn’t even considered that at 19 months (is that how old they are now?) they would know what to do with a tea set but to my surprise they set about pouring tea and stirring in the milk.  Since then they have played with little else.  Occasionally it is not done quite exactly as I might have, there is the occasional addition of an aeroplane or afternoon tea is laid out on the lid of the toilet but generally they play afternoon tea pretty well.  I’d like to think they have learnt a little from me…