A space to create

When my twins were born my craft room became a rainbow themed room with two cots and more importantly two babies.  All my creative effects were placed in cardboard boxes, sealed with parcel tape and stowed in the depths of my loft, but a year on and I am still mourning the loss….

My mission, to create a space to create.

First step was to make a space.  The decision was made, crafting over clothes, one of our two wardrobes and every drawer we could find was emptied, the needless contents bagged up and sent to the charity shop or recycling bin.  Step two remove wardrobe, check! Step three, make it a space to create and store, no more lengthy trips to the loft resulting in running out of time.

My 1930's oak bureau

My 1930’s oak bureau

For months our little family, every fortnight on a Friday evening, took a trip to the local auction rooms in search of the perfect bureau, many were measured and photographed but only one made the cut.  Ta-dah! A 1930’s art deco oak bureau with cabinet, it was perfect.  Many bids later and it was mine.

The boxes were removed from the loft and the creating began.  The leather inside the desk was tatty so I replaced it with some beautiful paper and 7 coats of varnish. Crafty books and magazines were neatly arranged on the top of the bureau.  Drawers, baskets and jars on shelves were filled with crafty goodness and the best bit, 2 shelves of fabric folded neatly and arranged by colour!  The last task was to try out my new space and make some pretty curtains to protect my fabric from the sun.  Weeks later, with a bit of culling, I have a creative space to be proud of.  You might even say I’m in love!

Crafty goodness

Crafty goodness

My space to create complete with curtains

4 thoughts on “A space to create

  1. I have craft cupboard envy! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Love the little curtains and the stacks of fabric- can’t wait to hear about what you make! Sam x


  2. I have craft cupboard envy! Love it! The little curtains are gorgeous and your fabric looks beautiful stacked like that. I can’t wait to see what you make !


    • Thanks Sam 🙂 I think everyone crafty should have a bureau, I love mine. Its lovely to have everything all neat and in place, I like a bit of order. I think we should start a bureau revival!


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