Could this be the end?

My lovely old lady

My lovely old lady

Today I am faced with a sad decision, should Violet live any longer?

Our much loved old lady is sick, she has had a dirty bottom, been looking sad and has not voluntarily eaten or drunk anything for about a week.  This has happened before with a few of our birds and it can signal several issues.

A dirty bottom usually suggests worms.  Worming treatments can be bought from your vet or online, I would suggest Flubenvet.  Many other makes (intended for cats and dogs) require an egg drop period, meaning no eggs and soldiers for 7-14 days.  Violet was wormed a fortnight ago and her bottom is now much cleaner.

Looking sad and an unwillingness to eat can be caused by crop problems, and many other ailments including infections.  Violet has been checked for crop issues and they have been dealt with as they arise frequently.  I also have a stash of Tylan soluble (antibiotic) which I gave to Violet just in case she had an infection but with no success.  She remains the same.

When our chickens have been on deaths door in the past we have made a solution of VetArk Critical Care and syringed it into their mouths, this usually gives them a burst of energy and they start eating again and after some intensive tlc and a lot of specially prepared tasty food they usually make a full recovery.  This is barely working on Violet.  Today she has eaten cucumber and some scrambled egg and had some olive oil and critical care solution syringed into her mouth…. but turned her nose up at strawberries, mealworms, sunflower seeds and wet mash.

If she shows no improvement tomorrow we might take a trip to the vet… but I think I know what their solution will be, I’m not sure i’m willing to give up on the tough old bird yet!